Elephant Quilt Productions:

Production Assistant Application

Job Description

This is a Part-Time Job, with about 10-15 hours for work a week. The Production Assistant will report to the Production Manager. We are looking for a competent Production Assistant to support all aspects of production from pre-production to post-production. The Production Assistant is responsible for assisting the Production Manager and Owner with Day-to-Day Functions of the Office. They will help prep the equipment for upcoming shoots, create and send out the Call Sheet, update the Production Calendar with shoot dates, post-production due dates, and other important dates, and assistant in dumping and organizing the footage after the shoots.  

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create and Send out the Call Sheets for Each Shoot

  • Update the Production Calendar with Shooting Dates and Post-Production Schedule

  • Prep the Equipment for Each Shoot

  • Check-In the Equipment after Each Shoot

  • Dump the Footage from the Shoot and Create a project in Premiere

  • Sync Audio and Video and Organize the Footage in Premiere

  • Upload Completed Videos to Youtube

  • Undertake errands as assigned

  • Maintain the Organization and Cleanliness of the Office Space


  • High School Diploma

  • Must have Premiere Pro Experience

  • Knowledge in the Google Drive Suits

  • Excellent organizational and multi-tasking ability

  • Resourcefulness and problem-solving

  • Proven experience as a production assistant

  • Flexible and quick on your feet

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Be able to take orders, and to show tact and deference towards those in positions of authority and greater responsibility

  • Must be punctual and enthusiastic, and understand the importance of taking detailed notes and recording expenditure accurately.

  • Must be level headed and able to work calmly and effectively under pressure.

  • Hav good secretarial skills, and be computer literate in the standard word processor, spreadsheet, and email programs.

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